Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bill Lewis > Team Monavie > Southfield Open Meeting

Three Train Wrecks

Bill was ten years into an engineering career and found that he was
not making ends meet. He was broke.

Cash flow quadrant - Robert kiosaki
If everybody wants to be on the right side, why is almost everyone on
the left?
Because we were never taught to live on the right side. If you are in
the left, you will never have time and money together. There is a
limit on your time, so there is a limit on your money.

Henry David Thoureau - most men live lives if quiet desperation.

Is your income doubling every ten years like everything else?

The only difference between being in the left and right side is
INFORMATION. Anybody can go over there.

You don't need to be a superstar to get started!

Story about farmer going in the ditch and asking a neighbor to help.
He brings a horse. Calls it Bobby, Fred, Joe, Mike. Finally the horse
pulls the car out. Neighbor says the horse would never be able to do
it if he thought he had to do it all by himself.


We are still a people based business. We just do it different. Team
approach. Mentor is helping.

$290 to get started
$250 with feb mv discount
No one makes any money off of signups.